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Professionals in the field

Buying a home takes a lot of work and decisions. We’ll be with you at every stage of this process. We‘ll offer help and good advice starting from your initial query, and also provide warranty service after you buy your home.

Buying in three stages

1. Reservation
To reserve an apartment that you like, let the sales manager know of your interest. You will sign the apartment reservation agreement and pay the reservation fee of 2,000 (two thousand) euros.

2. Entry into a preliminary contract under the law of obligations.
A notarised contract of sale under the law of obligations is entered into with the buyer, in which all the details of the transaction are agreed. Pursuant to the contract under the law of obligations, the buyer pays 15% of the purchase price of the apartment (this amount includes the reservation fee already paid).

3. Entry into a real right contract to acquire title to the home
Once the apartment building is completed, a notarised real right contract is signed and the right of ownership of the apartment is transferred. The buyer will pay the rest of the purchase price pursuant to the real right contract.

Transparent terms and conditions

What is included in the contract price:

  • Interior finishing according to the chosen interior finishing package.
  • Charges for connections to mains (water, electricity, sewerage).
  • Data network readiness.

What is not included in the contract price:

  • Notary fees and state fees related to entry into the contracts.
  • Connection fees for data network, cable TV, telephone and security services.

A processing fee of 350 euros + VAT is charged for any amendment.

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