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Acquiring a home requires a lot of effort and decisions. We are by your side throughout the entire process. We offer assistance and good advice from the initial interest and continue to serve even after the acquisition of the home during the warranty period.

The purchasing process consists of three stages

1. Reservation.
To reserve your preferred apartment, inform the sales representative of your interest. A reservation agreement is signed for the apartment, and a reservation fee of 2000 (two thousand) euros is paid.

2. Signing the preliminary (contractual) agreement.
A notarial contractual sales agreement is concluded with the buyer, outlining all the details of the transaction. Under the contractual agreement, the buyer pays 15% of the apartment’s purchase price (the amount already includes the reservation fee previously paid).

3. Real estate acquisition agreement.
Once the apartment building is ready, a notarial real estate acquisition agreement is concluded, and the transfer of ownership of the apartment takes place. The buyer pays the remaining portion of the purchase price based on the real estate acquisition agreement.

Transparent terms

The contract price includes:
Interior finishing according to the selected interior finishing package.
Fees for connecting to utility networks (water, electricity, sewage).

Data communication readiness.
The contract price does not include:
Notary fees and state fees related to the conclusion of contracts.
Connection fees for data communication, cable television, telephone, and alarm system services.

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